“The Way Is Through” track premiere via Steel For Brains

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Many thanks to Steel For Brains for hosting the second premiere track from our new album!  “The Way Is Through” is available for your listening here: http://steelforbrains.com/post/113340965362/now-screaming-minsk-the-way-is-through

We are less than one month away from the release date for THE CRASH AND THE DRAW via Relapse Records.  April 7 in North America, April 3 in Germany, Benelux, and Finland, and April 6 in the UK and the rest of the world.

Desertfest London | 24th of April, 2015

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Minsk will be appearing at Desertfest in London on the 24th of April, as part of our European tour with FLOOR.  Click here for complete listing of tour dates.


New Song Premiere!

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We are excited to unveil a track from our new album!


The Crash & The Draw: Video Trailer and Pre-order Information

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A video previewing some sounds and visuals from the new Minsk album can be viewed below via Youtube.  Relapse Records has also made pre-order of the album available now.

To pre-order visit:  http://www.relapse.com/minsk
To pre-order digital format via Bandcamp visit: http://minskband.bandcamp.com/
To view the album trailer visit: http://youtu.be/ZRhZOSGlwhk or click below


The Crash & The Draw: New Album Coming April 7

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The new Minsk full length album, The Crash & The Draw, has been scheduled for release on April 7, 2015, on Relapse Records.  We eagerly await the opportunity to finally be able to share this with all of you.

For further details on the album’s creation, track listing, and more, you can find today’s official press release here, via our friends at Earsplit PR.


Floor/Minsk European Tour Spring 2015

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So very pleased to be able to share this news!



Floor/Minsk tour 2015

09.04.15 Tilburg (NL) Roadburn
10.04.15 Leipzig (D) Doom Over Leipzig
11.04.15 Hamburg (D) Hafenklang
12.04.15 Berlin (D) Cassiopeia
13.04.15 Warsaw (PL) Hydrozagadka
14.04.15 Prague (CZ) 007
15.04.15 Innsbruck (A) p.m.k
16.04.15 Munchen (D) Feierwerk w/Zatokrev
17.04.15 Bologna (I) Freakout
18.04.15 Milano (I) Lo Fi Club
19.04.15 Lausanne (CH) Le Romandie w/Zatokrev
20.04.15 Paris (F) Espace B
21.04.15 Nantes (F) La Scene Michelet
22.04.15 Lille (F) La Peniche
23.04.15 Dortmund (D) FZW
24.04.15 London (UK) Desertfest
25.04.15 Antwerp (B) Kavka w/Zatokrev

http://www.avocadobooking.com for details, tickets, info.  More to come at the beginning of the new year.

New Minsk Album. Early 2015. Relapse Records.

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An announcement from Relapse Records

Minsk in studio

MINSK: Begin Recording New Album

Band’s First Record in Over 5 Years to See Early 2015 Release

Peoria, IL psychedelic metaller MINSK have begun work on their new full-length record and first in over 5 years.  After a two-year hiatus, the band has been reinvigorated and has written their most ambitious material to date.  The album is being recorded at Earth Analog studios outside of Champaign, IL throughout July/August and is being produced by long-time collaborator Sanford Parker.  The as-of-yet titled album will see an early 2015 release via Relapse Records.

Founding member Timothy Mead commented on the group’s rebirth:

“So much attention and care have gone into this process, this renewal.  We knew in order to really move Minsk forward in a meaningful way we would need to raise the bar all over again.  This realization lit a fire within us to transcend what was.  So many things had to fall into place to make it what we knew it needed to be.  A new rhythm section, a second guitar for the first time since the early days of the band, additional vocalists, Sanford’s contributions moving to the realm of synth/noise for this album.  Lots of changes, to be sure, and yet the results will be unmistakably Minsk… just Minsk on a whole different level this time around.  We cannot wait to share the fuits of these labors.”

Founding member Christopher Bennett further elaborated:

“With each album cycle, a multitude of experiences and influences unite to bring about the cultivation of a cohesive and representative grouping of sounds.  This new album will present inroads to some of the musical archetypes we initially discussed when starting this band, but ones we have not yet touched on in the macrocosmic sense.  It embodies the furtherance and expansion of Minsk in ways desired in the past, but not realized until these songs began to show themselves to us.  The aggregate elements combining into a solid form.  We hope to reveal this process to any and all who have the ears to hear.”

Stay tuned for more MINSK related news and footage from the studio.  For all North American press inquiries, please contact bob@relapse.com.  For all UK inquiries please contact pip@relapse.com and for all EU inquiries please contact Frank@pettingzoo.nl.



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