June 2022 Shows!

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We know this website is in desperate need of an update/redesign, but if you see this, just know that we truly appreciate your time. It has been far, far too long since we last played live, but this coming week we will have the pleasure of having our friends Black Cross Hotel join us for a long weekend. Hope to see you there! LP5 is coming along beautifully.

Kuma’s Corner Chat & BIGOD on Bandcamp

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We had a wonderful evening chatting with Nick from Kuma’s Corner in Chicago. Kuma’s offers the best burgers, both meat and plant based, anywhere, and with each burger/sandwich themed around metal and hardcore bands, you will most certainly enjoy every aspect should you choose to pay them a visit. They have featured a MINSK burger as well as Mac&Cheese from time to time, and we truly appreciate their support over the years.

You can view our video chat here:

Our songs “Invoke/Revive” and “The Chalice And The Dagger” from the split album with Zatokrev are now available on Bandcamp. LP/CD versions were orchestrated by Consouling Sounds and Czar Of Crickets. Physical copies are still available through the Consouling Store.


It Has Been Too Long

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We hope everyone is well, and we miss you.  We are hard at work on new music, and we cannot wait to share it with you.  In the meantime, we want to let you know that our very first musical journey, “Burning”, originally released on limited cd in 2003, is now available on Bandcamp here: https://minskband.bandcamp.com/album/burning-2  


Three Moons records released a beautiful 15 anniversary cassette edition in 2018, and it is available here: https://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com/product/minsk-burning

Take care of yourselves, and we will be looking forward to many more nights like this:





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We are very excited about these two shows coming right up!

17 May @ NIGHTSHOP Bloomington IL with Varaha, Bruges, and Cloud Cruiser  Tickets

18 May @ DARK LORD DAY, Munster IN with High On Fire, Power Trip, Nuclear Assault, Sacred Reich, The Atlas Moth, and River Black.


Long overdue

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IMG_15552018 was a remarkable year for Minsk.

In June, we had the pleasure of joining both friends and legends, at Mutants Of The Monster in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The entire weekend was packed with brilliance, and being able to join Rwake, Pallbearer and Living Sacrifice on the last day at White Water Tavern, was especially meaningful to us.

In October, we celebrated the release of the Zatokrev/Minsk-BIGOD split album by embarking on a European tour.  The album was given a beautiful release with the collaborative efforts of the wonderful humans at Consouling Sounds and Czar of Crickets.  The design and artistic genius of  Maks Pathologikal made for a truly stunning visual experience.  We were truly humbled by the way everyone at Consouling Sounds made us feel like family.  It meant the world to us to be able to see old friends, and make new ones each night.  Zatokrev are an incredible band, and it was an honor to travel across Europe with them.

Additionally, Three Moons Records released a re-mastered cassette version of our first demo album, Burning.  Once again, the packaging came out amazingly, making for a piece of art far surpassing it’s original form.  We are forever thankful for the attention and care put into this project.


We thank everyone who made our 2018 journeys possible.  This band could not exist without your support.


Happy New Year! The Crash & The Draw Retrospective

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Happy New Year!  As Minsk has made our way back into the woodshed and continue to cultivate our next contribution, we’ll be looking back at these past few amazing years.  Much to be grateful for as we close out 2017 and turn a page.

Join us as we reflect on some of our favorite memories of the creation, release, and support of The Crash & The Draw.

TC&TD Retrospective #1: 
Scorched Tundra | Chicago, IL | September 2017

TC&TD Retrospective #2:
Psycho Las Vegas | August 2017


Summer 2017 Festival Appearances

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Minsk is currently engaged in excited preparation for two very special festival performances this summer.  We are extremely honored to be included in the following events:

Minsk will perform at PSYCHO LAS VEGAS on Sunday, August 20.  Ticket information can be found here.



And Minsk will also appear on Saturday, September 2, as part of SCORCHED TUNDRA VIII in Chicago.  Ticket information can be found here.


A Trio of New Interviews

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Many thanks to Jack (Metal Recusants), Elena (Mutual Grimness), and Gella (Metalheads.by) for allowing us to participate in these recent interviews.




Psycho Las Vegas August 18-20 2017

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The final lineup has been announced for Psycho Las Vegas 2017.  We are honored to be a part of a fest with such a diverse amalgamation of sounds.  See you there.


The Crash & The Draw Cassette Released

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Minsk is very proud to present the official limited edition cassette release of our 2015 release “The Crash & The Draw,” via Three Moons Records.


As described by the label itself:

Dark blue tape housed in decorative cobalt blue die cut cardboard case.

Letterpress printing with pantone silver enriched by golden foil.

Includes lyrics printed on pale blue carbonpaper. All sealed with wax in stamped linen bag.

Limited to 81 hand numbered copies.  

* When we began discussing the possibility of a tape release with our friend, Maciek Sekowski, several months ago, we could not have possibly fathomed how special these would turn out to be in the end.

To order a copy, visit the Three Moons Records webstore at:

* And to see a full galley of photos of the release and an inside look at the production process, visit Three Moons Records Facebook page.

** Additionally, Minsk and Three Moons Records would like to thank Richard Postma of Tartarus Records.  Without Richard’s previous creative, diligent, and inspiring work with Tartarus lighting the way, a release this special could not have been possible.