Onward Procession: Part I

Upcoming Minsk tour dates:

July 4. PEORIA, IL @ The Brass Rail
w/ Alma Negra, Ghost Key, Goliath

July 5. LITTLE ROCK, AR @ Downtown Music
w/ The Sound of the Mountain, Mainland Divide, Enchiridion

July 6. NASHVILLE, TN @ Springwater
w/ Generation of Vipers, Hellbender, Brother Ares

July 7. MILWAUKEE, WI @ The Cactus Club
w/ Asatta, Subjugation

July 8. CHICAGO, IL @ The Empty Bottle
w/ Alma Negra

Words from Tim on Minsk’s forward progression:

To the brink and back.  Nearly a decade spent pouring everything we had into this thing, and just like that we almost felt it slip away.  Almost.  It has been a long two years.  It never felt like it was finished, the way forward just hadn’t made itself clear yet.  I really think it took facing the precipice for us to turn that corner and understand what it meant to us, what it meant to those who’ve connected with us and the music we were a part of through these years.  When Chris and I started this band twelve years ago, we never anticipated it growing into what it became, how much of ourselves it would occupy, how it would eventually become more than the sum of its parts.  We have always been our own harshest critics, and I think it took time to come to terms with the reality that this thing should continue.  The past is a memory.  The future is unwritten.  The present is all that is.  The work is not complete.

The family has expanded, and we’re so thrilled to have Aaron, Ryan, and Zac with us now.  Aaron has been a brother for a very long time, and so this addition is more natural than we could have imagined.  For me, hearing he and Chris play guitar together has that sense of something that just always should have been.  And as Ryan and Zac have individually come into our lives and into Minsk, they have raised us up.  Their abilities, and their spirits, take this collective space to new heights.

The Minsk practice space remains in the one and only city of Peoria, Illinois, as it always has.  There is something about that city that has always left such an indelible mark on what Minsk is.  Recent recordings coming out of rehearsals have been livening my life, and my mind, so much lately.  It is an exciting time.  Old material, new material, ideas just flowing again… that space being occupied again, that thing present in the ether that always seemed right when Minsk is making noise.

Up in Chicago, Sanford is still making some of the best records you’re going to hear this year.  Still helping keep Chicago the musical powerhouse that is always has been.  Still and always a member of the Minsk tribe from a distance, though we’re keeping a looser reign around him these days.  Time will not allow him to do these shows with us in July, but he will be joining us on stage for at least a song or two in Chicago.  When doing work involves giving birth to the kind of ground breaking music that Sanford has a hand in all the time, it’s hard to believe it’s not time well spent.

We are, however, ALL excited about working on a new album together.  So, it is with great pleasure that we announce this next step on the path, a milestone marking ten years since the very first show… a celebration of what was, what is, and what shall be.  Please join us.

~ by Minsk on May 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “Onward Procession: Part I”

  1. Great, great to hear! Hope to witness another live ritual in the Netherlands somewhere in the near future..

  2. Truly exciting news. You all have been a very important influence with no boundries. Been waiting for a long time and this post, though I’ve known it was coming, has made my day and quite possibly 13. Welcome to Aaron, Ryan and Zac. Looking forward to hearing to what you bring to this ever evolving beast. Best to you all!

  3. It’s so good to hear from you guys, and I’m really looking forward to the sound you developed during the last years of taking breaths.

    Love from Germany!

  4. Keep up the good work, guys. Your stuff is deep. Greetings from, ahem, Minsk… y’know, the one in Belarus? Travel here someday, will ya?

  5. come to Greece this instant

  6. still waiting for new album, the show go on…great MINSK . from kabylia.algeria

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