Onward Procession: Part 2… Ascend

“With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone” Double LP Available Now


Words from Chris:

Bird Dialect is a collective endeavor formed by long-time friends.  I am fortunate to be a participant in this endeavor, and to release “With Echoes In The Movement of Stone” on wax is satisfying on so many levels.  “Langue Verte”.  The Language of the Birds.  Bird Dialect…  The meanings held within the words and the symbols have always been of the utmost importance to this band.  The bonds we have formed over the last decade have shaped us in ways beyond comprehension.  To be able to move forward, and to continue to add to the Minsk narrative, is one of the greatest gifts I have been given.  The utmost respect and thanks goes out to Tim, Sanford, Aaron, Ryan and Zac for imbuing Minsk with their endless talents.

Minsk cannot neglect to thank all of our contributors present and past:  Bruce Lamont, Anthony Couri, Jeff Hyde, Dustin Addis, Joel Madigan, Brian Barth, and Jared Madigan.  Thank you all for your efforts and contributions over the years.  

Two birds stoned at once 16x11

~ by Minsk on June 18, 2013.

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