TC&TD Retrospective #1: Scorched Tundra VIII

Scorched Tundra IVVV


Sept 1-3, 2017 | Chicago, IL | Empty Bottle



Photo by Margaret Najarian


Scorched Tundra VIII in Chicago was Minsk’s last live performance of 2017. A very fitting punctuation to the touring cycle for The Crash & The Draw.

A lot of thought and care on the part of the organizers went into making this a very special event, including partnerships with some of Chicago’s finest local purveyors of food and beverage, an incredible lineup, a fantastic venue, and all sorts of love. It was a great excuse to get ourselves together in a room and make noise.

The effort that Alexi Front, the festival’s organizer, put into getting things just right was palpable and definitely paid off.




ST hangs



Photo by Margaret Najarian

Live Minsk photos by Margaret Najarian.

Minsk Mac ‘n Cheese by Kuma’s Corner Shaumburg.

Scorched Tundra beer by Pipeworks Brewing.

Tshirts by Barrel Maker Printing.

Hospitality, good vibes, and incredible sound (as always) by a Chicago institution, celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2017, our friends at  The Empty Bottle.





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